Photo Frames at PlrPics Now!

Posted by: Charley

Antique Frame with a Steam Locomotive in each corner.

Antique Frame with a Steam Locomotive in each corner.

Hey everyone,

I know it’s been a while since I posted anything in the blog, but you can expect to see a lot more in the future starting right now!

We now have photo frames for your Scrapbooking and Awards needs.  Most are of antique and old fashioned picture frames.

You can find all our picture and photo frames right here.

We’ve also made all the frames available in three (3) sizes, 1,000 (sm), 2,000 (med) and 3,000 (lg) pixels and all are delivered to you at 150 dpi.

The three sizes also have new pricing, $2.50, $5.00 & $7.50.

We hope this helps with some of your needs and check back often as we’ll be putting on new frames constantly.  We’ve got several artists lined up to supply us with them, so you will get a pretty good variety.  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Have a Great Day and thank you again for visiting today.

Di, Rog and the whole gang!

Military Photos

Posted by: Ma Mon

Hi and Welcome back!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be setting up galleries for a variety of  military photos we’ve acquired.   We are putting together a nice collection of both old and new photos.

There will be photos of the U.S. Army training, marching and at war.

There will be a few photos of some of your favorite Naval war ships, some in action, some patrolling the waters of the world, and some at dock.   And of course, there will be Marines Corp photos as well.  We’re not sure yet whether they will be mixed into the Navy photos or have their own gallery.  We’ve sent out a poll in the last 2 newsletters to find out your preferences and will be tabulating the totals over the next few days.

Planes, planes and more planes…Yes!  We’ll have plenty of Air Force Photos.  Hopefully your favorite plane will be in the mix.  If not, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Be on the lookout for these new galleries and military photos coming soon.

Hey, don’t forget to check out the other galleries too!  New photos are constantly being added there also, so keep an eye out for those.  And remember, we have a very simple pricing system…all the ‘net ready photos are just $5.00.  One flat price and the photo is yours.  No time limitations, very few usage limitations, forever!

When you’ll sign up for our newsletter we’ll send you a weekly update of the newest photos and galleries and you’ll get our subscriber only specials and gifts.  We are striving to be your one stop shop for your Private Label Rights (PLR) photos and videos.

Keep your eyes peeled for the new items coming soon and we’ll see you again real soon.

Di, Rog and the whole gang here at

Let’s Fall into a Sale

Posted by: Ma Mon


Good to see you again!  Thanks for coming in today…I wanted to share some Great news with you about our pricing for the rest of the month of September, 2011.

I know you know this already, but Autumn (Fall also works, especially in most of America) is here again and to celebrate we’re giving YOU 80% off any purchase from our site from 16 September to 01 October 2011!

Be sure to use the code “PLR-FALL” (without the ” “, and yes, in UPPER case) to get your 80% off our already ridiculously low prices.  This offer is good for EVERYTHING in the store…but ONLY until 01 October, 2011!

New Price on All PLR Pictures

Posted by: Ma Mon

Hi Everyone and Welcome back!

We just wanted to let everyone know that the end of the year sale price was so well received that we’ve decided to make that our everyday price!

That’s right…all PLR photos and PLR pictures are now just $5.00 each!

We are also putting together packages to reduce the price even further for bulk or multi-image purchases.  We should have those options on the site within the next day or so.   Be on the lookout for those new packs very soon!

With our PLR license being a very simple one (you can do just about anything you want with the image, you just can’t resell it as it is…that’s it!), and the galleries expanding all the time, this is a steal of a deal!


5 bucks per photo year end sale!

Posted by: Ma Mon

Hi and welcome back!

I just wanted to let everyone know that our new pricing is in effect for the end of the year!

Each and every image is only $5.00!  That’s a 66% savings over the regular price…and no coupon code, no special code or anything else!  Just a simple 5 bucks per photo and it’s yours to use as you see fit.  All PLR Images, All the Time, Just for You and Your digital needs.  Royalty Free Images, PLR Pictures, call them what you want and use them any way you’d like.

Just choose the gallery you’d like to start in (at the far right…yeah, way over there>>>) and load up on all the photos you’d like!

Have a Great Day and we’ll see you again soon.

Di and Rog and the Gang

More Black and White Photos

Posted by: Ma Mon

We’ve added a few more Black and White, Royalty Free, PLR Photos tonight!

Some are of mountains, a few beaches, a couple with boats, amid other items.  We’ll have quite a few more going on in the next few days, so be sure to check back.

Also, I ran into a minor issue with the videos, but they will start going onto the site within the next day or so!

Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter and upon confirmation (we use the double opt-in method) you’ll be directed to your download link and you will get 10 free photos to use as you see fit!

We’ll talk again soon and thanks again for visiting!

Di, Rog and the whole gang now has Video Too!

Posted by: Ma Mon

Hi and welcome back!

We here at have been bringing you Private Label Rights and Royalty Free Photos for your digital needs and now we have Private Label Rights and Royalty Free Videos for you Too! (more…)

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